Kaila (Part One)


I'd call this one serendipitous. I was approached by Heidi on Viber asking if we could do a shoot together with Kaila. Of course any chance for me to work with new photographers is always exciting, so I jumped into it. It just so happened that I already apparently knew both Heidi and Kaila through my brother who happens to be friends with both of them. what are the chances that the next person you meet could be someone you are already connected to?

This was shot in a busy district somewhere in Makati. Everything about the location reminded me of a time-locked city stuck somewhere in the late seventies. It seemed to match Kaila's classic beauty and Heidi's ethereal composition. Something about these photos brings up feelings of nostalgia for me; it's melancholic, yet beautiful.

To check out more of Heidi's works, click here.
To check out more of Kaila, click here.

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  1. Just perfect! So good and professional. Loved the sweet blur effect in the background. The main object is focused so well. Great job.