Louie and Jake


It just so happened that one summer day, I was riding the same bus as Markee; a designer that I had met a few weeks earlier through a friend. I almost missed him had it not been for him tugging on my bag as I traversed through the tight walkway trying to find a seat. We eventually sat together and talked about our lives and our work. Little did I know how much we had in common and how in line our creative outputs were. I knew then we had to collaborate with each other.

About a month or so later, we started planning. Markee, a menswear designer by trade, piqued my interest when he brought up the idea of menswear on women. Of course I had to pull Chiara in for this shoot, knowing she was up for any challenge we would pit against her. With amazing beauties Lou and Jach fitting every outfit perfectly as if it were tailor made for them, and Ashe's house as the most fitting backdrop for our little experiment; it was as if everything fell neatly into place. What can I say? When it works, it works. Enough of my rambling, here are the pictures.


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