It was one of those days.

I can't quite remember the circumstances. I remember getting off at the wrong stop and walking what felt like miles in the mid-day, dead heat of summer. I remember Amalie's ocean eyes. I remember hiding in the bushes, shielding locks of blonde hair wrapped in curlers. I remember the big tree, slumped as if it were ready to lay. I remember the snowy mammoth hound. I remember a row of trees with its flowers sprinkling the path beneath it. I remember conversations in the car over soggy nachos.

It was one of those shoots.

Art direction, photography & fashion styling by Chiara Garcia 
Hair and make-up styling by little ole me
Modeling by Amalie Stray

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  1. You look so gorgeous. I absolutely love the way this shoot has turned out. Every picture seems better than the last. You guys have done a remarkable job.