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[Originally posted on tumblr on 03/27/2014]

First review after my looooooong hiatus! Read on...

Ever look at something and think, "that's soooo not me." and pass it off without a second thought? Well, that's how I felt when I heard that MAC was adding the Reel Sexy Collection stand-out shade, Heroine, to its permanent lipstick range.

I was guesting at the counter of MAC Alabang at the time when I heard they were bringing it back. Now, people who know me know that I either wear dark shades or just lip balm. I rarely wear lipstick EVER unless it's a blood red or vampy aubergine color. Bright colors are just not my cup of tea. So when I saw Heroine for the first time, I was a bit hesitant to try it out.

Erin, one of the MAC Artists at the counter, told me to give it a chance first. To my surprise, the color started to really grow on me! I just had to share my thoughts about it.




Heroine was originally released in the Reel Sexy Collection for Summer 2012 in the US and was made permanent in the US last January 2014. MAC Cosmetics Philippines relaunched Heroine as part of its permanent range last March 6, 2014.

The lipstick is described as a matte bright purple and contains 3g of product per tube. All MAC lipsticks are vanilla scented but have no taste. Heroine retails for P1000 and can be found at any MAC Cosmetics outlet or MAC Cosmetics counter in Rustans Department Store.



(Under fluorescent lighting)


1. True to Color.
IT'S INCREDIBLY PIGMENTED. Oh my gosh. What you see in the tube is the exact color that appears on your lips. I didn't need to use a primer or anything of the sort. It's truly gorgeous.

2. Matte, but non-drying.
I'm really prone to chapped lips, which is why I don't regularly wear lipstick unless it's dark enough to hide my cracked and dried-out lips. This lipstick, however, did not dry me out! Which is rare for some matte MAC lipsticks. I do suggest using a lip balm before applying, though; because even if the lipstick was not drying, it's not exactly moisturizing either.

3. Long-wearing.
It's a really great lipstick to wear if you hate re-applying. This lipstick lasted about 5-6 hours on me with meals and drinks in between.

4. Works on EVERYONE.
I'm not kidding when I say this. I've seen this lipstick applied on people of different ethnicities, skintones, and lip sizes. It works on literally everyone. I have not seen anyone this shade does not look good on. ALTHOUGH, people who are not very used to wearing bright colors, or more specifically, the color purple, on their lips will probably need to break in the lipstick to get comfortable. Otherwise, it's just gorgeous on everyone.

5. Brings out your inner Mestiza.
I'm naturally more cauc- than -asian, but I do have to say that this lipstick just makes me look whiter. I can also say with confidence that it really brightens up the face.

6. Brings out the shape of your lips.
I never realized that I liked the shape of my lips until I wore this lipstick. I'm pretty sure other bright colors do the same as well, but this one especially does the job for me.


Remember when I said it was long wearing? Yeeeeaaaahh, it's long wearing alright. Probably the only thing I don't like about this lipstick is that when I take it off (using MAC's eye & lip makeup remover, no less!) I'm left with a really bright pink stain that doesn't seem to leave me unless I use a scrub on my lips. I think other people will find this appealing, but my chapped and cracked lips aren't exactly the best ground for a stain. It's all uneven and there are some parts that are darker than the rest and it just emphasizes all the ugly parts and- HAY. Let's just not get into it. Beware of the hot pink residue! And be prepared to use heavy duty remover or a scrub to get that off your lips.

2. Makes your teeth look yellow.
Ok, this is not specific to everyone. If your teeth are healthy and naturally pearly white then you will have no problem. For people like me with teeth that aren't exactly ugly or stained but more of a dull white, there will be a subtle yellowy sort of tinge to your teeth. That being said, IT'S NOT THAT NOTICEABLE. The only time I noticed is when my mom pointed it out to me, and mothers are like that. They notice stuff most people don't.


I just love this lipstick so much. I'm not kidding. I see why everyone is so excited over it. It's so gorgeous and wearable and comfortable on the lips that I really don't care if I get the hot pink after-stain or 1 out of 20 people find my teeth slightly more yellow than usual. It works on everyone, lasts long, doesn't dry out your lips, and is true to color. What more could you want out of a lipstick??

Would I buy it again? YES. Because of the fact that the color is so unique that I can't even think of a dupe for it and because it is just such a high-quality product.


And that's it! What are your thoughts on the Heroine lipstick? Love it? Hate it? Never tried it? Leave a comment \with your thoughts!

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Til next time!


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