Product Review: L’Oreal Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen SPF 30


[Originally posted on tumblr on 04/02/2014]

Hey everyone!

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that feels the heat this summer! It's crazy hot and I'm pretty sure it'll get even hotter. Which is why it's important to protect your skin from the sun!

Now if you're like me, I don't tan... at all, and I burn terribly under the sun. So I need an adequate sunscreen that wears well on my skin and won't burn a hole in my pocket. Really, most sunscreens are waaaaay overpriced.

So one day, as I was passing by the Dollar Store in Alabang Town Center, I happened to notice this sunscreen that seemed out of place in the beauty aisle. I just had to try it out. A few weeks later, here we are now!




L'Oreal Paris Sublime Sun Hydra Lotion Spray SPF 30 is a "unique sheer lightweight lotion-now in a continuous spray." It claims to instantly melt in for super hydrated, silky soft skin. It is also ultra water resistant; ultra sweat resistant; oil free; and non-pore clogging. This is a body spray and is not intended for the face.

One bottle contains 4.2oz or 120g of product and retails at P150 at The Dollar Store. I don't know if this is currently being sold by L'Oreal Philippines but I haven't seen this product anywhere else other than The Dollar Store.



Sprayed on.

After spreading product evenly using my hand.


1. Feels like it's protecting me?
I would love to say that I know for certain that I'm being 100% protected from the sun, but I wouldn't really know. What I do know is when I apply this and I have to go out under the sun, the heat doesn't feel as bad on my skin. Plus: no sunburns! I do also manage to keep my pasty white complexion, which may be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it...

2. Makes my skin suuuper soft.
I hate wearing body lotion. I hate the icky greasy feeling I get when I wear it and I especially hate the feeling of being malagkit even if I'm not under direct sunlight. This, however, not only feel non-greasy, but it makes my skin ridiculously soft. I have been noticing changes in the texture of my skin as well even if I'm not wearing any product. Long term benefits! Yay!

3. Lightweight indeed.
It doesn't feel like I'm using any product at all! It's really lightweight on the skin and it's absorbed quickly. No fuss!

4. I don't look like I rolled in flour.
Admit it, we all have that one photo of ourselves coated in sunscreen and looking like the human espasol. This, thankfully, dries clear with a slight sheen.


1. Ultra water resistant? Really?
Well, at least they were trying to be honest and didn't slap "waterproof" on it. It did, however, say that the product would stay on even after 80 minutes of physical activity. It also says to reapply after excessive sweating. Welp, it's humid in the Philippines and even breathing is a physical activity that can cause excessive sweating during the summer months. Needs improvement, L'Oreal.

Seriously, it even says that on the bottle. It's like a hybrid between and atomizer and an aerosol spray, AND IT GETS ERRWHERE. Best place to apply this would be in the bathroom. Don't do it in your bedroom, especially if you have food or electrical appliances and a gigantic window that catches a lot of wind... just saying.

3. It sprays a bit too thick.
I think that's why it's not aerosol, yet not also atomizer. The product happens to be a bit too thick for an aerosol spray which is why it tends to splatter. You do have to rub the product into the skin to get the best results, unless you want to look like you have spots.


Bottom line: it works, it's cheap, and it doesn't make you look or feel like you are ready to be cooked in a frying pan... or on a baking sheet. It also seems to have long term benefits, although I have yet to see where the anti-oxidants are working on me. Although I was only able to find this, L'Oreal has a whole bunch of other products under the Sublime Sun line. This includes actual lotion, face sunscreen, and different SPF levels. It seems to be a great product for people on a budget that want good quality products. Now if only I could find this outside The Dollar Store...

Would I buy this again? Definitely. I'm such a cheapskate and I'd love to get the whole collection if I can get my hands on it!


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