Budget Beauty Review: Étude House Brush Shower Cleaner!


[Originally posted on tumblr on 06/11/2013]

Hey lovelies!

Woo! Review time! Alavet. So the object of my affections for this review is the Etude House Brush Shower Cleaner!


(Eeeew. dirty brushes.)

I’ve actually known about this product for a few months now but I was only able to get my hands on it about two weeks ago at the SM Southmall branch of Etude. Can you imagine, this cleaner has been sold out at EVERY branch I’ve been to! That must mean something good.

QUICK RUNDOWN: Each bottle contains 250ml of product. It comes out as a clear liquid. It’s quite similar to the consistency of MAC’s brush cleaner, but Etude House Brush Shower Cleaner is colorless. You can find these (hopefully) at any SM Department Store or Etude House branch and they retail for P428.00 a bottle.

HOW TO USE (With pictures!):
I took the liberty of using my icky personal brushes as examples since they really needed cleaning and you can see the contrast between dirty and clean using the brush cleaner. I even took a picture of the gunky mess that is my Charm Retractable Kabuki Brush for added effect:

(I’m gross, I know. I let it go on for too long…)

So anyway! This is how to use the Etude House Brush Shower Cleaner!

1. Put a small amount of Etude House’s Brush Shower Cleaner into a container.

(There is my pretty sakura rice bowl that I use to clean le brushes. Icky brushes neeeeeeeed to be cleeeeeean.)

2. Dip brush bristles into cleaner and swirl until the liquid changes color.

(Just really get in there, swirl like you’re making traditional Japanese tea… Just don’t drink it when you’re done.)

3. Remove brush from solution and rinse brush in running water to remove excess dirt. Dry and reshape brush with fingers.

And voila! Clean brushes! Here are the results:



(Ooooh! So clean and so preeeetty! /kira kira)

Isn’t that lovely? And they smell absolutely fabulous. <3

1. The SMELL, oh my gosh.
It’s like baby cologne, I end up huffing my brushes once I’m done cleaning them because it smells like rainbows and sunshine. The great thing about the Etude brush cleaner is that it doesn’t smell like chemicals, or like it’s desperately trying to hide the smell of chemicals. That makes me feel like it’s safe to use on my face and I won’t get an allergic reaction. So far, so good.

2. Concentration = Less product needed.
I’m stingy, I will not deny it, I can’t stand using up a lot of product. It’s the Ilocano in me. With this product, I only need a few drops for each brush, or if I’m cleaning a bunch of brushes I can pour half a glass full and not get worried about effectiveness after the 4th, 5th, or 15th brush.

3. It’s like all-stain, but for makeup brushes.
I’m being serious about this. I hate when brush cleaners can’t clean my foundation brushes or lipstick brushes. I always find it a pain when I have to reach for the brush shampoo or the oil just so I can get rid of residual stains from liquid or cream makeup. With Etude’s cleaner, however, I don’t get this problem. After rinsing it with water, it looks, feels, and smells incredibly clean. And NO RESIDUE, THANK THE HEAVENS.

MAC’s brush cleaner will put a serious dent in your wallet and yet it doesn’t feel as effective as it should be. Etude House’s Brush Shower Cleaner? This thing isn’t even P500! Yes, it is still quite pricey if you happen to be a student or on a tight budget, but think of it as an investment. Dirty brushes lead to pimply faces and expensive derma treatments, not to mention contaminating your makeup as well with all that bacteria and having to replace those as well! Ay dios mio, bumili ka na ng brush cleaner; your wallet will thank you.

1. Packaging is so-so.
It’s not the greatest. It does resemble MAC’s brush cleaner but the cap is a flip top instead of those pressy-thingies (I have no clue what they’re called.), and it’s a squeezable bottle so you can sorta-kinda control the flow. Even though it spills way less, I still do get the occasional drip after pouring, but maybe I’m just a clumsy idiot that can’t work with packaging. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2. Rinse and repeat.
I’m being really lazy and nitpicky at this point. I just don’t like rinsing and waiting for my brushes to dry. I’m that kind of person. I have tried just using the cleaner and going straight to drying and I still feel the cleanser hasn’t completely come off and my brushes become a bit slippery. So I really do implore all you people out there to just follow the procedure. You’ll be happier in the long run.

3. Out of stock again??
Seriously, I’ve been to about 3 or 4 branches since the beginning of the year and I was only able to get one two weeks ago. I really wish they would remedy this situation since the supply is not meeting the demand. Until then, I suggest if you really want to purchase one, call up the branch nearest to you and ask if you can reserve a bottle when they restock. How to get Etude’s number? I visited the branches nearest to me and asked for their contact details so I could get an update when stock of the product I was looking for arrived. It’s never wrong to ask!

I’m really loving it right now. I could even say that this might be my Holy Grail of brush cleaners because it’s cheap and effective. I think it’s a great buy, the only problem is getting them while stocks last. Otherwise, it’s a great product and I think you guys should try it out.

Let me know what you guys think about it!

‘Till next time! <3

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