Budget Beauty Review: Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzer


[Originally posted on tumblr on 07/21/2013]

Hey lovelies!

So I’m back with another budget beauty review. This time the product of my fancy is Essence’s Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder in Brunette!

QUICK RUNDOWN: The bronzing powder is part of the German brand Essence’s Sun Club collection. The description of the product on the website is as follows:

"the bronzing powder for brunettes offers a touch of wonderfully fresh and natural-looking colour for darker skin types. the matt powder has a somewhat stronger shade to give already tanned skin the perfect finish."

There are two shades: “blonde" for fairer skin tones, and “brunette" for slightly darker skin tones. The shade I have is brunette, a tan with a slight hint of orange.

The product comes in an acrylic see-through compact. The texture is quite smooth and pigmentation is sheer to medium coverage.

You can find these in SM Department Stores at P249.00 for 15g.



This swatch took a few swipes to get this pigmented. It’s quite sheer and the color is light for a bronzing powder.


This is what it looks like on my face. The color matches really well with my skin tone.

Zoomed out for epektus. The bronzer doesn’t have any shimmer, that’s just my ~natural glow. (Chos! Haha)

Jeez! There’s just so much product!! 15 grams!! I just know this will probably last longer than I will even if I use it everyday. I have to admit that I did buy it because it was such a large amount for only P249. I couldn’t help it, it was such a great steal.

2. We just look good together.
Okay, I do have to set the disclaimer right now that I’m more CAUC than ASIAN. Which is okay since the bronzer works so well with my skin, it just warms up my pale-sparkly-vampire skin which makes me look like I actually have the ability to tan.

3. Feels like the beach.
The name Sun Club is so accurate for this product because of its overall appeal. For one, the little emboss on the top part of the powder just screams beach girl and I think it’s a very nice touch!

Just look at that prettiness!

Secondly, it smells like the beach. It has such a pleasant coconut scent that’s not too overpowering. You can smell the product when you apply it on your face, but it does fade once the makeup has set. I know some people may not like scented makeup or the smell of coconut so it might not be for everyone, but I like it.

4. It’s great for beginners.
Ever have that problem of tribal stripes on your face or being mistaken for having a five o’clock shadow? You won’t get that with this. The powder is sheer enough that even the most inexperienced makeup user will have an easy time with this product; and at 15g for P249, it’s a great practice product that won’t hurt your wallet.

5. Feels like butter.
The texture is surprisingly soft and buttery. It applies very well too and despite its very creamy texture it doesn’t wear off quickly or transfer either. I had no issues with longevity.

1. European brand nga.
No offense meant to Europeans but it is a European product. Therefore the color does cater more towards cooler and lighter skin tones. Someone who has a warmer skin tone or darker complexion probably won’t like this because it won’t show up, or will make your cheeks ashy. It’s not as versatile as the brand promoted it to be, considering that the shade is not dark enough for morenas and it’s supposed to be the darkest shade. If you are mestiza, however, this is a good product for you.

2. Sheer goodness?
One of the other reasons why I bought this powder was because my Inglot pressed powder fell and cracked all over the floor and I needed a substitute. Comparing Essence’s bronzing powder to Inglot’s pressed powder is a bit of a stretch since the pigmentation of the Inglot powder was so concentrated that I only needed a dab of product for my whole face, whereas with the Sun Club matt powder, the pigmentation is sheerer. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s something I don’t necessarily look for in a makeup product for my pro kit. The saving grace of the product is that it’s buildable, thankfully.

It’s such a great deal: a large quantity of a quality product at an affordable price. I now understand why they have "#1 European Cosmetics Brand" slapped on their site because they do release products that work.

Now in terms of color and pigmentation, it might not fare well with darker or Asian skin tones, but I’ll let that slide because the brand does cater to fairer European skin. If you fit the bill, this is a powder to look out for.

Would I buy it again? I don’t think I need to since I’m pretty sure my compact will outlive me. But I do suggest people out there try it out and see if it works for them.


I hope this review helped! Please comment or share your own experience with this product!

‘Til next time! <3


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